What is the purpose of RIVER CITY GLOBAL?

As Jesus was ending His time on Earth, He gave the church one of its main reasons for existing — the Great Commission. Jesus challenges us to take His message and live it out locally, regionally and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). This is a monumental, GLOBAL task that can only be accomplished through prayer, obedience, and generosity. It requires PARTNERSHIP.

That is why RIVER CITY GLOBAL has become the umbrella under which all of our mission activities are organized. It is not so much a stand-alone ministry as it is a church-wide coordination of outreach efforts.

Since 2014, using the GLOBAL approach, RIVER CITY has seen amazing increase in passion for missions, financial contributions and effectiveness in mission fields around the world.

The RIVER CITY GLOBAL strategy is simple: instead of reacting to every need around us, we have formed strategic partnerships with those actively doing effective ministry locally, regionally, and around the world. Prayer, hands-on support and financial resources are then focused on making those partners as successful as they can be.

It is a bold and far-reaching way of doing missions, yet intensely personal and relational.

How do I get involved?

Prayer. The greatest way we can support our partners is through lifting them up and surrounding them with prayer.

Giving of Your Resources. By focusing our giving to this one account, Global is able to annually support the work of our partners. Funds that are received above and beyond the annual budget can go towards special projects that greatly enhance the effectiveness of these ministries.

Join the Global Team. This Dream Team meets monthly to pray for the partners, support short-term mission efforts in the church, and to actively stay connected with partners through consistent communication.

How Can I Stay In The Loop?

If you would like to learn more about what’s happening with RIVER CITY GLOBAL, be sure to visit us on Facebook.

Questions? Please e-mail us! We look forward to connecting with you.